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Q: Do I need to help lift anything?

A: No, please do not attempt to help! We take 2 trips when necesarry to prevent injuries. Thank you, but we do not allow patients to carry equipment.

Q: Is tipping common with mobile massage? I don't usually tip my RMT.

A: Its up to you! You can also leave a review as a sign that your massages are appreciated.

Q: Can I work out, cut the lawn, or play sports after massage therapy?

A: Its best to take a rest day and do some light bodyweight exercises after your treatment. Doing too much after you are relaxed can actually put you at risk for injury.

Q: Is it normal to be sore after massage?

A: Sometimes it is, for a number of reasons. Tight muscles don't always like to be changed, especially if they've been that way for a while. Adaptation is normal and occasionally things feel worse, even though you can visibly see that you're getting better with improved range of motion for example. Your RMT should always check in during the treatment to make sure its within a comfortable pain tolerance so be honest with them! Soreness after treatment may last up to 3 days maximum.

Q: How should I undress?

A: Patients undress to their comfort level, and appropriate to what areas are being treated. With accurate draping, you should feel fully secure during the appointment.

Q: How long does set up and take down take?

A: About 15 minutes depending on the logistics of your home. Can be longer if there are stairs or elevators.

Ie.) If 60 mins is reserved, the appointment is 1 hour from arrival to departure, for time keeping purposes.

Q: Do you charge extra for gas mileage?

A: No but use the Radius page to determine your applicable rates.

From 32315 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W7 (Abbotsford City Hall).

Q: How many massages does it take to see a difference?

A: This depends on so many factors but your RMT will describe the best and worst case scenarios upon the initial assessment.

 Any other questions that you have? Go ahead and email Cera RMT.

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