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This section is extremely important!

Making a reservation with Cera RMT indicates that you have reviewed all up to date clinic policies and procedures, and you consent to them.

If you are making this appointment for someone else, please review with them

Patients will be notified of major updates to this policy via email.

Opt in to the "Marketing emails" via Jane App.

If updates are missed, responsibility lands with the patient.

There are 5 sections that may impact you, so please read carefully.

This is a 5-15 minute read.

1.) Reserving Appointments

A credit card is required to reserve. Booking an appointment demonstrates acceptance of all

clinic policies and procedures and that you have reviewed them carefully. 

Patients are requested to online book their own appointments on Jane App.

If there is a disability that prevents the ability to do so, please contact Cera RMT.

Persons with disabilities, or language barriers must have assistance personnel

available during the massage appointment unless otherwise arranged.

2.) Administration

Admin hours are Monday-Friday 10:30am-7:30pm only  

Contact Cera RMT via email during these times only. 


No assistance can be given over the weekend, so emails sent requesting a

cancellation during these off hours do not count as sufficient notice.

They will count as being received upon the next business day.

Attempts to cancel appointments in non-administrative hours

must be done through Jane App booking system only.

3.) 72 Hour Cancel Policy

A firm 72 hour cancellation policy in effect for massage bookings.

This is more than you would see at typical clinics, due to the nature of mobile RMT sessions.

That is something that must be completely accepted and understood at the time of reservation.

Cancellations within this time will be charged either 50%-100% of the treatment cost

depending on the circumstances of the cancelation.

This means: true emergencies may get a break,

but a 100% charge is assumed,

if the appointment cannot be filled.

See above for cancelations during non- business days.

Sequential cancellations even within the time frame allowed, may result in discharge of the patient in rare circumstances ie.) cancelling last minute every time a notification comes out (see section 5).

Space holding and then canceling every time, is not permitted, as it effects availability for other patients.

4.) Right to Refuse Work & Treatment Environment

Cera RMT reserves the right to refuse work at any point and bill full treatment price for

incomplete sessions in reasonable circumstances including but not limited to:

- Unsafe work environment

- Patient attempts to sexualize the treatment environment

- Lack of adequate access to treatment location

- Treatment space is more than ~20 steps from vehicle

- Hygienic reasons

- Unsafe animals or people in the home

- Snow that has not been removed

- Unable to access property without damage to vehicle

- Patient, pets or other parties damage massage equipment

- Not enough space to set up equipment and work without injury

- Patient is perceived to be sick upon arrival

- Verbal or physical disrespect is put forth

- Patient is found to have a new ICBC or WCB claim

- Other medical change that contraindicates massage treatment

- Whatever else may make the massage therapy session impossible or unsafe for the patient or the RMT

Please note that the mobile massage therapy table is Master Massage Stratomaster Ultralight Portable Massage Table, Black, 30 Inch 1 count and according to the manufacturer, holds up to 650lb. As a precaution and for safety reasons there is a preferred safety weight limit for the table. If a patient weighs over 240lb, the RMT may need to refer to another provider or find positioning adaptations that work for both patient and RMT.  Those who decide to receive treatment on the table and weigh more than the preferred recommendation, do so at their own discretion.


If the RMT arrives to your location and has not been notified in advance of any of the above treatment considerations, the cancelation fee will be incurred as a result of a massage that cannot be completed.


These are general guidelines, and not every treatment situation is the same.

If you are unsure about anything, simply email

For any questions about the above or anything else you think may impact the ability to treat,

please contact Cera RMT well in advance of the appointment to discuss options.

5.) Expectations of the Patient

Treatment Planning

Therapeutic relationship is based upon mutual respect and appreciation. If the patient is disinterested in their treatment plan or has too many sequential cancellations even within the respective policy, they may be referred to another RMT. Attempts to reach solutions will always be made in good faith, however if this is unsuccessful, incompatibility is a justifiable reason to terminate the therapeutic relationship if necessary.

Patients should put trust in their RMT, as RMT's are required to act in the patients best interest. Sometimes exercises may need to be done during the session, or given as homework. Treatment plans will be given after assessment indicating the best recommended course of treatment.


If patients are not actively participating in the recommendations to get better, they may be discharged and welcomed back at a later date, or referred to another professional.

Treatment Environment

Please keep a reasonable treatment environment for your RMT. See section 4 above.

Please leave a space in the driveway for Cera RMT upon the date and time of the appointment.

There is massage therapy equipment that needs to be transported.

Venues with more than about 20 steps from vehicle to the treatment area may be refused on site (as above).

Treat equipment of Cera RMT carefully. In extreme cases, compensation may be sought if clinic equipment is damaged. You can trust Cera RMT will also make sure to exercise caution when bringing equipment into and out of your location.

Do not jump on the massage table too briskly risking harm to yourself or the table, allow dogs to jump on the vehicle, wear heavy makeup to your appointment staining the linens, or anything similar.

Keep animals leashed on your property exterior when you are expecting your mobile RMT to arrive.

Thanks for reading the Policies and Procedures!

You are awesome and Cera RMT loves working with you all.

Book your appointment, and get ready to heal, recharge and relax! 

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