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What to Expect


Mobile treatments offer a unique perspective that's not always achieved in a standard clinic. With mobile treatments, the whole family young and old can take care of their wellness together with the same RMT, and sometimes on the same day too. Cera RMT has found a unique niche of helping entire families safely and efficiently. Early prevention helps decrease severity of chronic issues.



For instance, busy families could get their kids and themselves appointments all on the same day. Individuals can also avoid spending time driving to and from appointments. With saving on the cost of gas, stressful parking and everyone's time, the benefits of mobile RMT are endless.


Once your session is over and you have recieved your treatment for the day, you can simply just wave your RMT goodbye. Easy as that.


Let them do the heavy lifting and driving for you then you can get on with your day to day. You can choose to rest, or even take a nap, rather than being stuck in traffic, with less than relaxing surroundings post treatment.


Massage therapy can be fun and exciting! You can learn new things, empower yourself and get going with your health care journey. 

Not Just for your Back Neck and Shoulders.

Massage therapy is a vast form of healthcare. Sometimes treatments might have a lot of exercises, sometimes they're more about relaxing when its been a hard and stressful day.


Some treatments are geared towards problem solving. If you've been struggling with shoulder pain, back pain, headaches, knee pain, surgical concerns, prevention, sports injury, and pains from injuries many years ago, massage might be able to help you.


There is pregnancy massage, TMJ, digestive and visceral massage, massage to help create room for breath and aid ease of respiratory function.


You likely have symptoms you didn't even know about, and that's why RMT's are helpful. They can refer you to your doctor or other medical professionals if they notice signs of dysfunction.


With the right prevention including massage you may end up saving yourself unnecessary pain in the long run.

Family Cheering
What's Included?

- sanitization before and after

- assessment
- treatment

-re assessment

- charting
- home care

- exercises
- set up and take down
- high quality linens, music, essential oils upon request

Expect set up/take down to take 15 minutes of your reserved treatment time for mobile massage.

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