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Relax and heal easier with Massage

Leg Injury
Relaxing Massage

Musculoskeletal Assessment 

This can be used to provide direction for a treatment plan. Knowledge can empower each patient's natural healing processes, restoring physical well-being.

Massage Therapy

Health based therapies including: full body relaxation massage, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, PNF, stretching and more.

What's Included?

Set up and take down time is included, and it's usually pretty quick. Travel time is complimentary and not included in the appointment time.

Find out more by clicking below.

Direct billing to Pacific Blue Cross and some other insurers available, patients may also submit receipts to their insurer for RMT. We also have insured bodyworker/estheticians who provide mobile Spa Massages at a reasonable price. Click below to see service menu and current availability.

No ICBC or WCB claims are being processed at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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